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Warning: Stunning Art

Zaria Forman is an extraordinary artist who has fascinating pieces of hyperrealist paintings. Her art impresses the audience by its moving and dramatic effects, and what impresses me more is the fact that she has done all her painting by her fingers and smudging it. Her photo realistic art is also a complex process rather than creating a simple piece of art; she adds her observations to dramatic sense of nature, a virtual perspective of life.

The source of inspiration in her work relied on the fact that she spent her childhood travelling the world’s most remote landscapes with her mother, who is a fine art photographer. That is what motivates her, the world’s crucial state, the loss of pure natural beauty. Basically, Zaria’s work has environmental themes with underlying meanings, she wanted to promote awareness of current causes of climate change which also causes the Arctic Polar melt, rising seas and so forth.

After travelling, taking photographs and making sketches of natural spots like Greenland, Antarctica and Maldives, where the effects of climate change are widely evident, she forms these large scale compositions. She said “In this process I am reminded of how small we are when confronted with the powerful forces of nature.”.  The details and precisions are stunning, the expression of light, shadows, shades and mostly the water are amazing and feels like it is more than real.

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For more info and to see her work please check:

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A British unknown street artist, which can be considered now as an international icon, expresses his art in all popular cities. (London, Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco etc.) throughout the world: Banksy. The identity of this “guerilla artist” remains in secret, yet his work addresses to the whole humanity. Banksy is considered as a provocateur who has great influential piece of arts; stencil graffiti, paints, sculptures and even a film. He proves to everyone that all that matters are ideas and connections: not the conventional way; studying in college, participate in business world etc.

His artworks involved with all the global concepts as capitalism or themes as greed and hypocrisy, enriched with social and political criticism. The mystical activist’s art has public visibility, he mostly doesn’t sell his art (the reproduction or photographs); even on the website (down below) you can find high resolution photographs. I really appreciate the uniqueness of his work and his approach to the manners: it is very neat and simple but also deep and satirical at the same time.

Another reason why I mentioned him and his artworks, it’s because I went to an Exhibition last month where you can see a collection of his pieces and installations. The exhibition actuates different perceptions and emotions at the same time, lets the audience experience different spaces such as London streets and living rooms. The exhibition is still takes place in Global Karaköy, Istanbul until February 29. So, those who want to go should hurry to catch up this marvelous exhibition. Here are some photos taken by me of The exhibition;

For more of the work of Banksy, you can check:

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The Willis Tower in Chicago can be considered as one of the tallest buildings of the world, which is also a landmark of the Chicago, made the state rise in architectural terms. The tower itself becomes more than just a structure, it is an iconic building (which is also an attraction for the tourists) with its compact corporation with the business world. The structure is not only known with its structural elements, but also with the architectural innovation called “skydeck” which provides the visitors a more observational experience of the city with sensations.

The Willis Tower observation decks on the 103rd floor of the building, skydecks, are the glass boxes (laminated glass for the floor, ceiling and all the sides), which can be considered as a renewed glass balcony, can bear 5 tons of weight. This is a stunning attraction point for the visitors where to interact with the city and have a dramatic sensation due to the height and the view through horizon. It is first of all to dare to stand out and experience it. Then, the view is very unique, amazing and informative. The architecture now is taking into consideration how to multiple the experience of being in the high ground and observe the surrounding. The bold move here is the extension a particular part of the building with transparent ground. It is a whole new approach to sensation of the height. The wide view of the city is simply revealed with its urban character to the observer. Additionally, the structure is very well-designed and convenient for the purpose of the element. Thick layers of glass provide vision, transparency and permeability which enrich  marvelous experience by also providing durability. The support systems within the structures tried to be constructed less visible to not to interrupt this fascinating experience.

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While Ending this semester…

Since this whole semester is coming to an end, it also means the end of a whole design studio; therefore the end of the project which had been going on almost for 3 months, there are tons and tons of things to do, literally. Now, there is thing with the studio, we had been trying to develop our design in time by talking million times with our teachers and change a lot of things, there were those moments we had no idea what we were doing, got hopeless and so much stressed about the exhausting work which seems it will never end… Well, this is it; the end! But as in any movies, before the happy ending, there are going to be the darkest times; the heroes had to have the toughest fight of their lives to achieve the ultimate happiness… As architecture students, now is the time to stop to work with our messy old models and get prepared for the final jury. The funny thing about that is we all make our designs in a mess but when it comes to presentation ( I mean jury) it is shown as if there were no hard times, everything is in order, everybody is aware of what they are doing with the prepared perfectly formed jury models and posters. The painful background is lost as if it has never existed, there was always happiness and relaxation. Anyway, these are the hard times in which there are more advanced works are expected from us, the stress level increases with sleepless nights, after a while, the only thing that keep me going is that we are all going to accomplish great works and projects in the future.

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When I walked around as in my school, parks, squares or any kind of public places, I noticed people walking from out of the actually built roads. There are some bald areas on the grass which forms a path: they are called as ‘desire paths’. It wasn’t a very strange for me before I started to study architecture but now there are millions of questions that pops up to my mind: why people prefer to take another road and neglect the designed road for him? Are there any reasons why the road wasn’t built the way that people walked? If the human behavior haven’t been taking into consideration as a factor while designing the road, can we still consider it as a design? Well, I don’t think I know all the right answers but I have some guesses.
First of all, I think this is a very crucial subject which shows the human behavior on a landscape. Humans mostly use these desire paths to create shortcuts, to facilitate the road which means that the design road for the man is not the most efficient design, at all. Furthermore, if no one is going to use that road, it is nothing more than just an ornament. The orthogonal turnings of the roads are the places where desire paths mostly happens. Human being become impatient after a while so create its own design of the road. So, the design of the landscape architect also should take into account the function. (as I was learned from my professors) Here we observe the case where the usage of the client and the design of the architect doesn’t juxtapose. We can also consider desire paths as something unplanned: the directionality of the paths are affected by the aimed reasons of humans to reach a destination. So, even though a landscape is designed the most accurate way, the surrounding structures may have a part of the emergence of the desire path. Basically what I’m trying to say here is that when a human see his destination, even from far, he started to evaluate the quickest way possible to reach there. It has a lot to do with visual perception, too.
Each desire path coveys a different story and a solution to a design problem due to its reason of existence. I read somewhere that there was one university which has any roads the year it was built. The designer waited to see the tendency of its users (students, professors etc.) and then built the roads. Well, this little trick of post-constructing the path is a very clever approach because now the design is s 100% convenient to their users. The users re-designed the paths to achieve a high level of functionalism. An architect, or an architect-to-be should always keep a eye open to notice these kind of little bugs in designs to develop himself/herself a fully-grown architectural perspective.

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Most of us should have encountered with some fancy cool beard pictures, decorated with flowers, colorful plumes, glitter, big autumn leafs, dandelions, pipes, food (!) and with tons of other things, which is a huge trend especially in the UK right now. Well, the invertors of this growing concept are Brian Delaurenti and Johnathan Dahl; the gay best friends which are both 25 years-old. It doesn’t surprise me when I found out that these two men work in the fields of creativity, imagination and design because they have such great works; Brian Delaurenti is a painter and photographer and Johnathan Dahl is a musician. Their creative project has only started last year, yet they had attention of the world. These two men from Portland are creating these artistic portraits of themselves by using any kind of material you may think of. (They had even used sprinkles once() It is an impressive and intelligent work of art has put a smile on my face when I saw these pictures; actually this is why they started this out of the ordinary shootings: “The world needs more love and laughter”. I’m amazed with their vast creative minds; they created some ‘concept beards’ for special events and occasions as Halloween. They have masterly used painting to create a rainbow onto their beards in order to celebrate after the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage: Love Wins.
What makes their design so unique is not only deciding some materials but also taking artistic self-portraits. The photography itself completes the phenomenon of the design by providing a sophisticated atmosphere and gives the mystic and gorgeous impression to the receiver. These guys help me to notice that even the most regular things can be designed and form such glamorous structures. They somehow expanded by perspective of imagination and beards.( There is one thing for sure; they would never be unnoticed…
If you want to see more about these amazing guys and their works check:”

(The photos are from their tumblr)

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It’s been a while but I went to Cermodern because there was Grayson Perry Exhibition and Chat. It was great to see his work and then hear his understanding of photography. However, what I wanted to talk about here is a specific part of the ground of Cermodern. It is a determined area which is formed by a transparent layer which shows the lower floor. The emergence of the interconnection between the floors amazed me. It was such a good architectural approach for an art exhibition center. It also reflects the abstract meaning of art; the fluid relation between an art piece and the one who observes experiences this piece. The permeability of the ground also provides a dynamic bound between openness and closeness. A mid-level forms a new dimension to the structure. The solid concrete and the transparent glass material are attached in an open way that it also creates a circulation, a way of communication. So, I think this new dimensional platform is an essential part of the design of Cermodern. It is something I would have never paid attention if I didn’t have an architectural perspective thanks to my education. I think everyone should check it out when they will be at Cermodern; not only the exhibitions but also the building itself.

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Hello void family… I’m going to be one of the writers on this blog and I’m very excited about it! I’m a sophomore architecture student in TED University which means I somehow survived the first year of the heavy and serious education of architecture. That’s what I want to talk about, firstly. It was like stepping into a new world in which we had no idea and we always had to produce things. All the assignments were like a huge endless pile; they brought sleepless and painful days and nights… This tight routine also had its advantages; I got to meet some sweet people. J ‘Basic’ design seemed so strange to me at first but it became more and more familiar by trying and working. At the end of the year, even though we had no written rules or learned information, we learned the things we have to regard while designing. On the second year, we shake ourselves from the amateurship of the freshman year and get one step closer to become an architect. We analyze some already built structures according to some concepts as enclosure, circulation etc. We also analyze a site and its conditions. The aim of this semester, that’s only my opinion, is how to intervene a site and how to adjust design concepts to its existing conditions. It’s a marathon the education of architecture and architecture itself; a continuous path which can always become better. I think this the thing which impresses me the most. It is a very hard discipline indeed but nothing worth having comes easy… Finally, I also wish a very good semester for every hard-working architecture student who struggles about achieving his/her goals. Hang in there! 

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I’m pretty excited about announcing that I’m one of the blog authors in our school’s “TEDU Architecture and Design Society”. “The Void TEDU” is where you can find cool architectural photos, some short articles about any designed concept, some announcements of up-coming events in Ankara and more and more… I’m posting the articles I posted on the other website. Stay tuned for more good photography and sophisticated articles. 🙂

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