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lexicon study: Delf Library

lexiconstudyAs the structure course, we were asked to analyze Delft Library and its qualifications: spatial, general design ideas, spatial and how human experienced the building. Then, we produce some creative but also defining words to explain the building. We produce a hard copy of this designed lexicon, also.


Case Study // Winery Gantenbein

The case study aims at exploring a building concerning its structural quality, how it is having a role in design; the benefits of structural elements in larger context. As a group, we choose Winery Gantenbein and focused on its façade application.

Apart from the traditional brick construction, the wall is constructed by computer programming, having parameter design.(Brick laying machine) Each brick is specifically placed with determined angle to have controlled light quality and air permeability. The façade appears as a solidified dynamic form, in whose three-dimensional depth the viewer’s eye is invited to wander. In the interior, the daylight that penetrates creates a mild, yet luminous atmosphere.


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