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After  producing tension and compression model, the new assignment was about producing an explanatory poster of the existing forces on our models. Here is our poster:


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This is an assigment given to us to study the structure of a dome ; and also the tension and compression forces within the dome. In my work, I tried to examine how to domes can relate to each other and form how secodary dorm will stand. The tension ring relate the inner and outer dome and balalce the compression forces. Tne curvature of the domes are different due to their existing forces, longitude and the span area.

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In our structure course we were asked to design a catenary model which allows us to work with more different geometries and discover new aspects of a structure. So, the tension model is working in harmony with the gravity created with paperclips. It is a study of different curves and how they intersect, juxtapose or change each other.

Then, the compression model is the upside-down model of the existing model but since my group’s model is rather big, the professor said us to do only a part of it. We made use of hot silicon to provide stability to model in order to relate how two paperclips come together.

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New School Year, New Year in Architecture

Hello there everyone and welcome back to my blog! Actually, I’m the one who is back. 😀 It has been quiet here for a long time but it is about to change. School has just started and has also bring its tempo. Since this is my second year in studying architecture, I’m considering myself no more as a beginner, apprentice but more like a someone who has some idea about what she is doing. Anyway, it is gonna be a looong semester so see you soon!

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