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Here is the last version of my models for the jury which show my design in the scale of 1/2oo.


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Since I have different parts with different topographic and vegetal quailities, the path has some different approach to all of the different  areas. The path transforms itself from being just for walking, provide seating areas of with the increase of level of enclosure, a shelter with shade and shadow qualities. These aspects depend on the  natural environment, the level of enclosure of the path is directly proportioal with the enclosure level of the areas. (slope and density of trees.)

So, as a 1/10 detail model, I try to demonstrate how to flatten the road (by putting stabilizer material) and how attach the path to it, I also tried to show how different vertical materials come together.

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After analysing Eymir Peninsula, I decided that the existing conditions in peninsula should direct my design in a way that my design is only the reclamation the current situation of Eymir. I decided to work in 3 different areas which are according to my ideas are the plase where the nature has a distinct characteristic as mole hills, wind quality or provide higher level of vision. It was like a re-designing the existing conditions.

FullSizeRender (6)

Then I have created two similar shore approach which don’t have reeds also providing higher level of vision. One is more dense due to its sharp slope and big amount of trees, the other is more like an open space with rather smooth slope and less amount of trees. I designed those areas two fragmented paths which ease the way going down and enrich the experince of the space due to vision. Then, the piers (one mobile and one stabile) are inspired by the relation between the nature and the human. They are the reflection of the variation of the mole hill structure.

There is one other approach on the farthest part of the peinsula. The topography is smooth but the vision is very limited due to high reeeds. So, the path got fragmented and detached from the ground to provide a higher vision, but underneath it is like a basic shelter, so now the path is a more flexible space in 3D.

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

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We were asked to produce some models of given structures after analysing them. We paid attention how parts come together and create enclosed volumes or how they affect enclosure of the structure. The parts show how things come together called hinges and it gives further meaning about the material qualities, too. We analysed the enclosure according to how they define space differently, like connecting, separating, dividing, screening, bordering, defining, enclosing, containing, layering and so forth. Of course we used scale to show the proportions of materials. Scale is 1/5.

  1. Cloaked in Bricks / Admun Design & Construction Studio, Iran, 2015.
  2. Kengo Kuma, SunnyHills at Minami-Aoyama, Japan, 2013.
  3. Trail Restroom / Miro Rivera Architects, Austin.
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We are asked to analyze several structures, buildings or pavilions due to their vertical circulation and pick 3 of them and re-analyze them according to how its materials come together (the hinges). I produce 1/10 scaled detail models. The models are focusing about the physical and stuructural qualities of the buildings.

  1. Endless Stairs by Drmm, London, 2013 (the vertical circulation, the repetition)
  2. Library by Li Xiaodong, Beijing, 2011 (the variation of vertical circulation)
  3. The Youth Wing for Art Education Entrance Courtyard by Ifat Finkelman + Deborah Warschawski, Israel, 2014Liyuan (the framed structure)
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Photomontage is a new concept to me it’s supposed to convey some more information about the things that we analysed. It’s a representative tool like a collage but it can contain any other illustrations, digital drawings.

In the first photomontage “zoning” and “human” scale are my tools to give further information about the site. I analysed the peninsula due to its slope and enclosure levels and create the different zones for the function. Gathering places, trekking and climbing are some various activites which change according to the existing conditions of the site.

The second photomontane is more studied owning to amount of people. (1-5-15) It is focusing on the different routes for these different groups of people. The routes are thickening in open and more flat areas and are getting thin in the slopy and narrow areas. The linearity of the routes are altering due to obstacles.

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Missed your instance? // Human Scale

Remember our instance models? We were assigned to work with them again according to new design principles. We kept in mind the first year knowledge and we had to work with now human scale. All the spaces that we had created in our instances now had to be proportionally organised to an average human. Therefore we had to think about human body, its capacity and its movements.

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As the second year students we went to Eymir Lake and the peninsula over there was given to us as a site to analyze. we paid specific attention to its topography, the wind quality, the nature, the accessibiliy, the density of the elements and so forth… This is the start of our projects so we have to analyse there and put our analysis in accordion drawing sketchbook.

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Accordion drawing sketchbook

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We were asked to produce sketchbooks which are supposed to be like an accordion. It is a good feeling that we are having our own sketchbooks; the size, shape and design are all up to us. In sketchbooks, we are going to put all the reseach we are going to have and all the analysis we are going to make throughout this semester.

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New School Year, New Year in Architecture

Hello there everyone and welcome back to my blog! Actually, I’m the one who is back. 😀 It has been quiet here for a long time but it is about to change. School has just started and has also bring its tempo. Since this is my second year in studying architecture, I’m considering myself no more as a beginner, apprentice but more like a someone who has some idea about what she is doing. Anyway, it is gonna be a looong semester so see you soon!

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