Final Jury

In the last step of the arch401 course, we were asked to develop a complex of building regarding the concept of emsalsizlik and explain our process of thinking through diagrams. My design is concerned with youth and art center whereas it is without precedent in our city in such scale. My structure is formed with terraces and relating itself with the green area behind while this idea of diffusion is also existing concerning the relation between concrete and green. There is a core strip that works as a spine of the project and it is controlling all the other volumes attached to it. The two distinctive parts; the small volume for youth and the larger one for the culture, all the attached volumes have their own terraces facing the park.

There is a promenade area of bridge that is connecting these volumes and provide both an exhibition and relaxation vista point for the user. The two facade of the building have different approaches; the one facing the road which is an active facade has the monotonous and neat character which is working as a wall and the other facade has the readability of the different functional volumes. It has the character of translucent facade on the dynamic spaces as rehearsal spaces, neat facade on offices and small concrete wall openings on the interactive learning volumes. On the ground floor there is a huge void space which is working as a social tunnel and make you wonder the other side of the building. It has the adjustable space character that can hold a symposium, exposition or event. Then, the core strip is like the extensions of the public void to the structure; it has permanent and temporary exhibition spaces inside that is working in coherence with the all the studios, ateliers and workshops and their productions.



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