Monthly Archives: June 2017

Final jury

The semester is coming to an end and now it is time to have final juries. My project has evolved and changed a lot throughout the semester.

The city bazaar is now the interpretation of “spaces of exchange” as exchange of information, the literal exchange as shopping and the production of this exchange. The interpretation of voids as spaces of exchange in Kemeralt─▒ led me to this point of providing a structure that enhances social community life through exchange of information. The structure is aiming at combining two spinal voids (one is the arc of Kemeralt─▒ and the other is coastline) that’s why it has its own directional void on the inside. The void is trapped in the structural grid and each floor is divided and formed according to their function and publicity. The ground floor is the most accessible one with the function of literal exchange, so the masses are fragmented and these are mostly shops, antiquarians, book repair services, bookstores and etc. Then the upper floor is basically containing more interactive office spaces for press and printing offices all around the site which is about collaboration production of information. Coming to the next floor, it is basically about more self production and spreading these information, so the spaces are more about studios, large spaces which provides self- production of a book. The utmost floor is the accommodation function which is providing a temporary shelter for the members who work here as a writer, translator, office member or a worker on the process of book which is situated as a space embedded to the ground.