This semester is aiming at developing a project of city bazaar which is combined of spaces of exchange. Well, here space of exchange can be interpreted as very differently. It can be focusing on the consumption and shopping, or it can also be interpreted as exchange of information coming from social interactions of people. Social interaction of people, according to my observations, is taking place in urban voids. Voids, as they are located mostly in front of mosques; since they are creating a public gathering space, are rich spaces with interaction. Then, maidans as Clock Tower Square and the streets where there are human flow are also acting as dynamic voids which are orienting people.

The two spines where there is a major human flow could be connected by creating a link between those roads. And this road is coming across our site; so, the site can be interpreted as a node; a rich void to have social interaction. However, there are also some other problematic situation in Konak district, which can be resolved by combining my idea of interactive spaces. The modern era is conflicting with small authentic shops like the ones in Kemeraltı and it causes a decline in the area’s commercial activities. So, while voids are providing space of exchange of knowledge, the solids can be more about commerce and how these commercial activities will be integrated with those rich voids.


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