Now, everything comes to an end; and it is time to present our work of whole semester. The design now is come to a conclusion. We redo our model and also draw elevations and sections.

Our main idea while starting the project is to revive the old fabric of Servi Street. While doing so, the street is now more than a line on the ground; with the help of the ramps it goes up and also go through the designed masses. The path then, also resized and formed upper open public spaces. Around those public spaces we had commercial units which are spread all over the masses. The paths are forming a network system which creates also the life of the residents and the visitors of the site.

The spine of Servi Street and the vertical street(three dimensioning of the street which works like a vertical street) which grows in parallel to the masses. There is also formation of open common spaces for the use of residentials. There are differentiated from public spaces with a different network of circulation. So, the public spaces and the common spaces are having a visual connection and spatial connection but not having a direct link.

We designed housing units which are varied from each other by adding new function to the unit. The units are for different amount of people and also have a combined function of being a housing and commercial unit.(adding extra sleeping spaces, extra working spaces)

The facades have different characteristic. The one facing the street is based on the combination of the units with varied quality of permeable surface(glass) and the solid surfaces. (concrete) It has its own rhythm and spatial quality with different lighting quality. The one facing other masses is facing south so it has pivot wooden surfaces sliding which can be adjusted to the different sun characteristics.


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