Monthly Archives: December 2016


For the third prejury we also focused on the landscape design. Then we introduced new open spaces which are common spaces. There are for the use of the residentials of the site. (they are shown with orange) So we also try to balance the interrelation of public and common spaces. We also draw the partial ground floors and the underground formation (parking spaces)

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In the urban design course, we were asked to focus on Kolej Area which is in the city center. (urban context) How to enhance its city life; nature-city relations, infrastructure, security, pedestrianization and so forth. As group, we decided to enhance community life by creating reachable open public spaces. We also had the idea to revealing İncesu Stream, which will work as a pedestrian spine connecting open public spaces such as Kurtuluş Park and İncesu Park. The spine, also had spatial functional characteristics embedded in it, in order to enrich the experience of the everyday users.


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