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This semester we were given a site near to our school.(near Kolej Area) The area contains 528 flats, we examined the function of the commercial buildings, the transportation system of the site and so forth.

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As a case study, we were asked to analyze the current Mass Housing Projects in Turkey. It is about to research what kind of architectural program they are offering, their scale, their spatial relations and so forth. So, we were given Sinpaş Altın Oran, Toki Cases, Kuzu Effect, One tower etc. We investigated their common points and also their differences. So, one of my colleagues designed those posters which reflects our point of view and observations about the given topic.

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Kuzu Effect is a project situated next to Turan Güneş Bulvarı which is a very important and old streets of Ankara, it can be considered as one of the spines of Ankara. It is very crowded even though it is a wide road. Next to the construction site of Kuzu Effects there is one hospital, two shopping malls and a lot of residential blocks. So, the infrastructures aren’t even enough now to the traffic problem. They are expanding the road but it won’t be enough after Kuzu Effect will be finished.

The design of Kuzu Effect also offers the design of life of its residents. There is shopping mall-like spaces down below and housing units with variable options (1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 6+1 (!?)). This is a formation of “gated community”, which refers to a specific part of society. People with high income are going to buy and live in these houses so, the project abolishes the heterogeneity of the society and the word “neighborhood”.

The high-rise of the building also creates some problems of air ventilation, the destruction of the city silhouette, creation of huge shadow on the facade of the surrounding building etc.

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The studio will be processed as architectural firms founded by three students who are producing and designing together this semester. So, I partnered up with Cansu Türk and Özgecan Zeybek. The name of our firm is “Janus Architecture” which is referring to the Roman God Janus, who had two faces façing one the past one to the future, protecting the city. The firm has its own logo and sign.


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