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The Presentation: Sigfried Giedion’s Space, Time and Architecture

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The link of the presentation:

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For this assignment,  we were asked to show how our scenario, the spaces (private, semi-private, public spaces or common areas), the relationship between the clients, how they interact during a day, or monthly;

My attempt is mostly about trying to explore those variable possibilities: I also try to show their involvement with the thingy. So, basically, there are two main users (mentioned above in scenario before). The diagram starts from the top and representing a daily routine vertically. The upper diagram shows the general differences between different levels of privacy. (common area etc.) The color gets darker, while spaces become more common. The the color orange shows the things that are not belongs to the house or not in the house. (When it interacts with the gray areas, it means that there is some outcomers, when it is an area, it mostly means that the users go outside. I tried to show some alternative scenarios within the scenario. ( the yoga teacher has some students coming to the house or she goes outside to have some yoga sessions) I also tried to categorize the different amount of people coming to the house, day or night, with different level of intimacy with the owners of the house. At the evening, there will be a feast, prepared by the baker (so he is also the one who is more involved with the culinary stuff/kitchen) which also alter due to size of the group or the intimacy level with the main users.




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I was given a site in rural context, in the city I live in; Ankara. Incek, Taşpınar is away from the city, which has 2 vistas on two sides: one is an urban skyline and the other is a stunning view of the lake Gölbaşı. It is a very slopy area with a lot of trees, I went to the site several times on different days with different weather. But one must say, it is always at least 2-3 degree colder than the city and it is very windy. There is no density of people, or traffic; there is only public bus coming near to our site, so, there are also not many pedestrians. The transportation here is mostly provided by private cars. So here are my observations;

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