Thingy gets stronger

Well, thingy was not something which has only object to object relationships; it will be something in the house:Which generates the house. Therefore, it will be somehow the core of a house. Then, the thingy gets evolved when we started to think about who is going to use it, how and how often etc.

I focus mainly on the use of mobile surfaces (like in the house Bordeaux) which acts as an elevator. In my case elevator is not only composed of one surface, it is more like a volume which has more complex parts. The lower part which forms the majority of it, is formed with different frames, can be used as storage spaces: which will help the user to transport things between floors. Then, the upper part is a plain surface, which can team up with the floor of any level, or can extrude through it to create a surface of use. The users can sit on it, put some things on it etc.

I talked about users; let specify them, then, specify the thingy. According to my scenario, there are two user of this thingy: a young couple who lives together. The woman is someone who needs open space with natural lights, so she can move freely to express her bodily movement. She is a yoga teacher, she uses the upper part of the thingy every morning for sure (sun salutation), then, on her free times she uses it most generally. So, we can say that she occupies the upper part most often in the morning and in the afternoon.So, the upper part of the thingy is also out in the open, which lets all the light in, very transparent. Coming to the man, he is a baker, but he is also the chef of this house, so he occupies the kitchen more. Additionally, this is not ordinary small kitchen, it is a two floored mechanism; on the lower part, there is something like storehouse; great number of shelves, big refrigerators which are not in contact with natural light which can cause decay. So, my thingy is beneficial to the man to transport all his stuff between the storehouse and the kitchen where the action happens. Also, this couple has a great reputation in a group of friends, and since the man has all the qualities to guest people properly, at least twice a week, they welcome a number of people to their home: there is a feast, so best place to have a feast is at the best spot of the house with best view. Then, now we are talking about the public use of the upper part of the thingy: it is a space now with high level of visibility, a big space occupied with central arrangement.

Coming to the context of this little scenario; it is located on suburbs; where there is the influence of both the urbanity and the rural contexts: So, the house won’t be as private as if in urban context, and won’t be as transparent as in the rural context; the couple works in the crowded city, but the noise and the pollution of the city bother them to move to a less urban environment, which can give them prosperity but still a link with the city.


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