A British unknown street artist, which can be considered now as an international icon, expresses his art in all popular cities. (London, Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco etc.) throughout the world: Banksy. The identity of this “guerilla artist” remains in secret, yet his work addresses to the whole humanity. Banksy is considered as a provocateur who has great influential piece of arts; stencil graffiti, paints, sculptures and even a film. He proves to everyone that all that matters are ideas and connections: not the conventional way; studying in college, participate in business world etc.

His artworks involved with all the global concepts as capitalism or themes as greed and hypocrisy, enriched with social and political criticism. The mystical activist’s art has public visibility, he mostly doesn’t sell his art (the reproduction or photographs); even on the website (down below) you can find high resolution photographs. I really appreciate the uniqueness of his work and his approach to the manners: it is very neat and simple but also deep and satirical at the same time.

Another reason why I mentioned him and his artworks, it’s because I went to an Exhibition last month where you can see a collection of his pieces and installations. The exhibition actuates different perceptions and emotions at the same time, lets the audience experience different spaces such as London streets and living rooms. The exhibition is still takes place in Global Karaköy, Istanbul until February 29. So, those who want to go should hurry to catch up this marvelous exhibition. Here are some photos taken by me of The exhibition;

For more of the work of Banksy, you can check: http://banksy.co.uk/menu.asp

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