Measured Drawing/ Rölöve

Measured drawing aka röleve, a french word, which is an architectural term used to explain the principles of a structure within the city. It also helps to evaluate and observe the structural systems inside of a structure, load barrying systems, and also the interior architectural qualities. Rölöve, therefore, as understood from its name, its the necessary investigation of the structure and its visual and architectural representation while taking into consideration scale. (Plan, section, elevation etc…) So basically, it is an architectural scale drawing of an existing structure.

Different scales are used in drawings, due to the size of the site. 1/200 scaled plans will satisfy to show overall site, but moving further to the details of the stucture, the scale will also be specified. And there are also different purposes of usage of this technique; draft sketching to have a basic idea about structure, restoration of damged old structures and so forth. This procces can also be supported by also taking photographs, both inside and outside to have a more general idea about the site, too. It also could be beneficial to make a pre-research of the site, form archives, or maps to understand better the structure and its history and its environment.

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