Starting with The Thingy

The cosmic fast power of the new semester (:D) also comes with the super complex new themes, aspects, approaches, understandings… Well, the thing that is going to kill our head of this semester is actually a “thing”; thingy. Basically, thingy is something that you can not easily name, it has more than one function, or maybe combination of some things. No thingy comes easy, the way to understand it is about having a research and try to produce a lot of thingies.

The first step of the assignment is about understanding thingy as surface ( the sum of surfaces) and try to realize the potential of different surfaces, their relations and so forth. Basically, the initialization of the project comes with investigating object to object relations.

My research started by looking for the architect’s own houses, then some vernecular examples and also some most-known pieces of works:

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