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The Willis Tower in Chicago can be considered as one of the tallest buildings of the world, which is also a landmark of the Chicago, made the state rise in architectural terms. The tower itself becomes more than just a structure, it is an iconic building (which is also an attraction for the tourists) with its compact corporation with the business world. The structure is not only known with its structural elements, but also with the architectural innovation called “skydeck” which provides the visitors a more observational experience of the city with sensations.

The Willis Tower observation decks on the 103rd floor of the building, skydecks, are the glass boxes (laminated glass for the floor, ceiling and all the sides), which can be considered as a renewed glass balcony, can bear 5 tons of weight. This is a stunning attraction point for the visitors where to interact with the city and have a dramatic sensation due to the height and the view through horizon. It is first of all to dare to stand out and experience it. Then, the view is very unique, amazing and informative. The architecture now is taking into consideration how to multiple the experience of being in the high ground and observe the surrounding. The bold move here is the extension a particular part of the building with transparent ground. It is a whole new approach to sensation of the height. The wide view of the city is simply revealed with its urban character to the observer. Additionally, the structure is very well-designed and convenient for the purpose of the element. Thick layers of glass provide vision, transparency and permeability which enrich  marvelous experience by also providing durability. The support systems within the structures tried to be constructed less visible to not to interrupt this fascinating experience.

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Timeline: Column and Interconnection

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