While Ending this semester…

Since this whole semester is coming to an end, it also means the end of a whole design studio; therefore the end of the project which had been going on almost for 3 months, there are tons and tons of things to do, literally. Now, there is thing with the studio, we had been trying to develop our design in time by talking million times with our teachers and change a lot of things, there were those moments we had no idea what we were doing, got hopeless and so much stressed about the exhausting work which seems it will never end… Well, this is it; the end! But as in any movies, before the happy ending, there are going to be the darkest times; the heroes had to have the toughest fight of their lives to achieve the ultimate happiness… As architecture students, now is the time to stop to work with our messy old models and get prepared for the final jury. The funny thing about that is we all make our designs in a mess but when it comes to presentation ( I mean jury) it is shown as if there were no hard times, everything is in order, everybody is aware of what they are doing with the prepared perfectly formed jury models and posters. The painful background is lost as if it has never existed, there was always happiness and relaxation. Anyway, these are the hard times in which there are more advanced works are expected from us, the stress level increases with sleepless nights, after a while, the only thing that keep me going is that we are all going to accomplish great works and projects in the future.

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