Florence (feudal city) can be considered as “the place” of art and the center of all kind of sophisticated and intellectual events. It resembled to Athens in Antiquity. ıt is a very self-conscious society with the influence of development of Renaisssance. Well, it had accepted slavery as Rome and Athens and made use of the man power of those slaves.

The city center of Florence as design to address every citizen of the city; it was everybody’s city. The design was consisting of a more cumulative and participatory approach. The inspiration is still the glorious Roman Architecture; paved streets (wide and open). There was this sense of visual order (which was perfectly designed and planned in Roman Architecture) which provide more of an enriched experience. The city planning had also a political and public purpose in such design. Urban city required urban adjustments; as paying taxes to support the construction of buildings and walls, to support talented artists’s job of vault constructions or foundation of commission of street clearance and urban renewal projects. They renowed some baptisteries and cathedrals and even made plans to renowe and enlarge the city cathedral. In the early fourthteenth century, there was a harmony between the public buildings, among which there is also a visual connection. The paths were designed to connect and create a more intelligent visual perceptions like a net which ensembles the important structures within the city. Urban city was more specialised according to market activities therefore, there was a need of a bigger and wider market area. It was an ancient forum which was expanded to the nearby streets, an extra market area in the West.

There was 2 main axis which are parallel to each other and also to the cathedral complex, Roman Cardo, administrative structures and other buildings of community. They were grouped to give city a more urban identity. The Europe was sufferning from famine, plague and war  and depopulated unlike Florence. Florence was exceptional  since it imported his food from the greatest and the most fertile lands. It was the center of trade and all the richess of all nations.

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