Cluny is the principal abbey of the Cluniac order. The cluny church was built in Romanesque style of architecture. So, we can observe the romanesque architecture charteristics in here; thick walls, round arches, large towers, decorative ornaments, massive quality in larger scale. The architecture of the church was a musician, in fact this really interests me, he could relate nature and architecture mathematically. He based his system of working with ratios and the proportions with the consonances of an octave, fifth and fourth. He found musical harmony to create architecture  which also functions geometrically. Proportional schemes  are functioning at the same time with music; it had a talent to let people think of the divine and sacred. Therefore, we can understand that later on, the geometric proportions had a really important part in medieval architecture. Also in the Romanesque art, especially in sculpture, the importance of the geometrical influence.

The Cluny Order has become independent due to power of the alliance between the pope and feudal lords make the place as a social, political, economical center of the Europe owning to its privileges. Cluny Abbey is the monastery with a giant garden of open spaces which is consisting of a central square of an open gallery. The north side has the administravite placements, the dining and the chapter room. (Large scale spaces)

Chartres Cathedral is considered to be one of the examples of the French gothic architecture; it has as pointed arch, panel vaults and the flying buttress.(to provide stability and immense spans) It is consisting of too many stained-glass windows and horrifying sculptures. The design is specifically inhibit direct sunlight. The light infiltrates through glass and change and reform whole (spiritual) experience of the space. The city of Chartres  is highly considered as the palce of prosperity to its bishop and chapter.Chartres cathedral architecture was mostly about the clerestory, the upper area of the wall supported on the arcades, which took the form of a huge glass casket in which the architecture serves as a frame for the stained glass filling the two rows of enormous windows. The gothic style serves here as a tool of creating immense stuructures which show the power of religin and its opressin amon the citizens.

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