After analysing Eymir Peninsula, I decided that the existing conditions in peninsula should direct my design in a way that my design is only the reclamation the current situation of Eymir. I decided to work in 3 different areas which are according to my ideas are the plase where the nature has a distinct characteristic as mole hills, wind quality or provide higher level of vision. It was like a re-designing the existing conditions.

FullSizeRender (6)

Then I have created two similar shore approach which don’t have reeds also providing higher level of vision. One is more dense due to its sharp slope and big amount of trees, the other is more like an open space with rather smooth slope and less amount of trees. I designed those areas two fragmented paths which ease the way going down and enrich the experince of the space due to vision. Then, the piers (one mobile and one stabile) are inspired by the relation between the nature and the human. They are the reflection of the variation of the mole hill structure.

There is one other approach on the farthest part of the peinsula. The topography is smooth but the vision is very limited due to high reeeds. So, the path got fragmented and detached from the ground to provide a higher vision, but underneath it is like a basic shelter, so now the path is a more flexible space in 3D.

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

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