The beginning of this chapter stars with the fall of the West (Roman Empire) and the rise of the Charlemagne. (He is the biggest Mediavel King who ruled over today’s France, Italy and Germany.) We can think that the architectural approaches will alter as it happened in change of the existing scale of buildings. The first new buildings they are going to build are religious buildings which also show that the focus points of their cities will change, too. Now, the cathedral complex ,which is also consisting of the episcopal residence, is the main focal point. Then there, is the main church which is positioned parallel to the cathedral and in between there is the baptistery.

The feudal lines are evident not only in the cities but also in the countryside. It was economically organised with the principal institutions. There is ville in which the landlord establishes his residence in the perpetuity. A part of his land is organised and cultivated. The churches are more like a rectangular halls without any apse. Wooden architecture is more expansive so we can see frame construction. This is also valid for the palace. In large scaled buildings, they used timber-rooled structures. It will be wrong to say that stone architecture is now continued. Vaulting is also a used manner. Vernacular architecture continues its existence one way or another. The manufacture of stone capitals carried out as well as the presence of old Roman piles.

Palace Chapel of Charlemagne is acted as if it is an entire complex of imperial palace for the emperor. It has all different rooms for their own functions: council hall, bath, gallery, chapel and so forth. Columns and marbles are brought from the Roman architectural approach. The entire complex is very significant but what is standing out is the chapel. Charlemagne wanted an extravagant design to show his glamorous therefore  we see the construction of big solid bronze doors at the entrance with magnificently decorated  marble walls and floors with mosaics. There is one other important aspect that is has Christian symbolism which show the effect of religion on the architecture.

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