Most of us should have encountered with some fancy cool beard pictures, decorated with flowers, colorful plumes, glitter, big autumn leafs, dandelions, pipes, food (!) and with tons of other things, which is a huge trend especially in the UK right now. Well, the invertors of this growing concept are Brian Delaurenti and Johnathan Dahl; the gay best friends which are both 25 years-old. It doesn’t surprise me when I found out that these two men work in the fields of creativity, imagination and design because they have such great works; Brian Delaurenti is a painter and photographer and Johnathan Dahl is a musician. Their creative project has only started last year, yet they had attention of the world. These two men from Portland are creating these artistic portraits of themselves by using any kind of material you may think of. (They had even used sprinkles once() It is an impressive and intelligent work of art has put a smile on my face when I saw these pictures; actually this is why they started this out of the ordinary shootings: “The world needs more love and laughter”. I’m amazed with their vast creative minds; they created some ‘concept beards’ for special events and occasions as Halloween. They have masterly used painting to create a rainbow onto their beards in order to celebrate after the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage: Love Wins.
What makes their design so unique is not only deciding some materials but also taking artistic self-portraits. The photography itself completes the phenomenon of the design by providing a sophisticated atmosphere and gives the mystic and gorgeous impression to the receiver. These guys help me to notice that even the most regular things can be designed and form such glamorous structures. They somehow expanded by perspective of imagination and beards.( There is one thing for sure; they would never be unnoticed…
If you want to see more about these amazing guys and their works check:”

(The photos are from their tumblr)

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