It’s been a while but I went to Cermodern because there was Grayson Perry Exhibition and Chat. It was great to see his work and then hear his understanding of photography. However, what I wanted to talk about here is a specific part of the ground of Cermodern. It is a determined area which is formed by a transparent layer which shows the lower floor. The emergence of the interconnection between the floors amazed me. It was such a good architectural approach for an art exhibition center. It also reflects the abstract meaning of art; the fluid relation between an art piece and the one who observes experiences this piece. The permeability of the ground also provides a dynamic bound between openness and closeness. A mid-level forms a new dimension to the structure. The solid concrete and the transparent glass material are attached in an open way that it also creates a circulation, a way of communication. So, I think this new dimensional platform is an essential part of the design of Cermodern. It is something I would have never paid attention if I didn’t have an architectural perspective thanks to my education. I think everyone should check it out when they will be at Cermodern; not only the exhibitions but also the building itself.

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