Hello void family… I’m going to be one of the writers on this blog and I’m very excited about it! I’m a sophomore architecture student in TED University which means I somehow survived the first year of the heavy and serious education of architecture. That’s what I want to talk about, firstly. It was like stepping into a new world in which we had no idea and we always had to produce things. All the assignments were like a huge endless pile; they brought sleepless and painful days and nights… This tight routine also had its advantages; I got to meet some sweet people. J ‘Basic’ design seemed so strange to me at first but it became more and more familiar by trying and working. At the end of the year, even though we had no written rules or learned information, we learned the things we have to regard while designing. On the second year, we shake ourselves from the amateurship of the freshman year and get one step closer to become an architect. We analyze some already built structures according to some concepts as enclosure, circulation etc. We also analyze a site and its conditions. The aim of this semester, that’s only my opinion, is how to intervene a site and how to adjust design concepts to its existing conditions. It’s a marathon the education of architecture and architecture itself; a continuous path which can always become better. I think this the thing which impresses me the most. It is a very hard discipline indeed but nothing worth having comes easy… Finally, I also wish a very good semester for every hard-working architecture student who struggles about achieving his/her goals. Hang in there! 

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