Photomontage is a new concept to me it’s supposed to convey some more information about the things that we analysed. It’s a representative tool like a collage but it can contain any other illustrations, digital drawings.

In the first photomontage “zoning” and “human” scale are my tools to give further information about the site. I analysed the peninsula due to its slope and enclosure levels and create the different zones for the function. Gathering places, trekking and climbing are some various activites which change according to the existing conditions of the site.

The second photomontane is more studied owning to amount of people. (1-5-15) It is focusing on the different routes for these different groups of people. The routes are thickening in open and more flat areas and are getting thin in the slopy and narrow areas. The linearity of the routes are altering due to obstacles.

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