While reading this book, we arrived to the fourth chapter which is specifically talking about the ancient civilisation of Egypt. Even though I had some ideas about this civilisation, I still got fascinated by the amazing organisation of these ancient people. Maybe, the thing that makes me wonder more about the ancient Egypt is the mystery of its pyramids, too. 😀 Anyway, let’s go back to the book;

The ancient civilisation of Egypt is appeared(settled) near a water source as any ancient civilisation. Mesopotamia has its own rivers and Egypt has the river Nile. This specific river has constructed the major part of their life; mostly everything has depended on it… A quick and original info: they divided their cities into two and named them Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt according to the direction of the river Nile therefore: in a world map Upper Egypt is below the Lower Egypt. The Nile also helps the citizens of Egypt to cultivate lands which are rich with variety of minerals  because it brims over in some seasons. Additionally, those land operations also made them more advanced in mathematics, astronomy and geometry. The flow of the river helps them to have an easier transport which by the way leads them to trade because Egypt is one of those civilisations in which there is the production of extra amount of food which also provide prosperity. Even though we called Egypt an ancient civilisation; it is a developed city and civilisation in most of the terms. We today have a lot their’s written or visual documents (political, architectural,social and so forth) and yet some mysteries remain…

The citizens of Egypt have believed in life after death which can also be seen by their architectural pieces. They have constructed enormous monumental architectural pieces; pyramids which are dedicated to the their magnificent kings which supposed to reflect the importance of these rulers. They berried their kings in those pyramids with a lot of tangible materials (since they believed in after life) so, basically pyramids are tombs. Legend says there are still these hidden treasures, some adventurers keep on looking… 😀

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