Anatolian Civilisations Museum is a gorgeous and fascinating museum which stands in the heart of Ankara, enlightens the ancient civilisations of Anatolia. There is an organisation system in the museum which helps people to discover the history step by step. As stated, I revisited the museum starting by re-looking the remains of the Paleolithic Age. There is this one thing which seems to me interesting here about archeology; the oldest remains are just some piece of rocks or stones and it is very impressive for an archeologist to differentiate it from just a stone of these ages considering the only remains of Paleolithic Age are sharpened stones. ( what i wanna say here is not underestimating the old civilisations, just celebrating the good work of archeologists 😀 )

Then, moving on in history of ancient civilisations there is Neolithic Age. What I focused here is this civilisation of Çatalhöyük which is considered as “the the largest and best-preserved Neolithic site found to date”.* The city has a compact organisation; the houses are adjacent to each other so, there are no streets. The rooftops are used as streets and people tend to enter the houses from the holes in the ceiling. This structure is defined as “honeycomb city”. This style of village also provide protection from wild animals or any other external effects. The units (houses) consist of larger spaces which have no specific rooms. The spaces are defined according to their purposeful use. There are some paintings on the walls (animal hunting ceremonies) of the houses which give us information about the way of life in Çatalhöyük. These paintings are not to make the house look beautiful, it is there to explain some rituals or occurences of those times. (a way of communication) There is also some remains of female godess sculptures, some potteries, some sharp objects of hunting which give us about the inventions of some materials and the beliefs of this civilisation.

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