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PREJURY Experience

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FIRST Competition

As a small team of freshman year students, we applied to a competition organised by our school. The aim was creating an organisation for our the public open space of school; we supposed to find some solutions to the problems that we had experienced while we were at the garden of the school. The competition is named as “Bahçene Renk Ver”. Even though it wasn’t a big competition I was really excited about this thing. Aaaaand fortunately, we passed the first stage! We have tough competitors (because they are sophomores and juniors 🙂 ) but still, we will work hard. Who knows? Maybe our design will be the one adjusted to our school garden.

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Alice in Kayaköy!

Well what is wrong with this title?! What does Alice do in Kayaköy? 🙂 Of course these are some non-sense sentences but the basic idea here is that it is a combination of Alice in Wonderland and Kayaköy. So does our new assignment. We were asked to merge these two diagram analysis according to some design principles even though the two of them are two different worlds. Intersecting cores of the field with the hierarchically important part of the diagram is my basic design strategies. Of course it will be sooooooo developed… Consequently, we will merge the instance and the field. Better get started!

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Shade and shadow

Hello everyone! Have a nice weekend. 🙂 So, let me explain this assignment. We were supposed to take pictures of our instance model based on some principles: shade and shadow which provide the depth quality. After taking thousands of photos I decided on some of them which are in my opinion more satisfying the requirements of assignment. Actually, I think some of them are really cool with all these contrasts and curves.

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