The Field

The analysis that we had through examining the field of Kayaköy was first put in a diagram. These were subjective interpretations of the field and also the detailed analysis. Then we were given this new assignment which is about stretching lines into a frame according to diagram. We distinguished some important parts according to our interpretations of diagram and called them “cores”. In my design these were the basic areas which can show more information than other parts by overlap, intersection and so forth. Long story short, my diagram has two cores and there two parts also differentiate from each other. One has more fragmented part and the other part is the less fragmented variation of it. So, here is my field!

FullSizeRender (35)

Then, there is a second step which is about putting “depth quailty” into this 2D frame work. We need to differentiate our fields in order to have a 3D grid on a 3D surface. I personally think that putting emphasis onto intersection parts and core will make them look more legible and reflect their importance.

FullSizeRender (30)

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