Monthly Archives: February 2015

Second Semester!

Well, hello everyone! We have just started our second semerter of freshman year. That means we are one step closer to become a super cool architect 😀 The sleepless days will begin soon, I think. We were so tired and overwhelmed at the end of last semerter but after a one month break we are ready to make a fresh start! As soon as we came to school, the first assigment has already being prepared to us to struggle with it. 😀

We will have our courses in a more architectural way ( I mean, we had known the basics of design -at least, our teachers think we have that knowledge). Briefly, this semester will be also interesting and most propably more difficult than the last one, unfortunately. However, the summer is coming at the end of this semester and the small thought about summer makes me feel like this semester will past fast and successively. ♥

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