Regulating Lines

Le Corbusier started his article by mentioning the necessity for order: The purpose of utilize regulating lines. “The regulating line is a satisfaction of a spiritual order which leads to the pursuit of ingenious and harmonious relations. It confers on the work the quality of rhythm.”  It is understandable that an order applied by an architect brings balance to the building; to achieve that goal regulating lines helps the architect to create unity and harmony.

Primitive man and how he built his very first hut was told in the beginning of the text. First he had to choose a suitable area and construct it there. There we can distinguish geometrical shapes, elementary mathematical calculations which appear from this age. Actually, I think what he wants to emphasize there is that even though we are in the primitive age, the concept of architecture is not primitive. Everything is well-organized and well-thought according to some preferences. “There is no such thing as primitive man; there are primitive resources.”  The part which explains the way of measure things seems to me the most clever and interesting part. Although he has a limited source of perception, he manages to find a proportion which will easily guide him. “It is in harmony with him: that is the main point.” There is also a manner about how he relates distances of the various objects. There we can talk about rhythm. Long story short, as we can clearly see there is a way more complex objectives even in the first ages and observable principles of architecture.

Additionally, there is a big important part of the text which criticizes the kind of architects, who have been removed from human nature, accuses them being inhuman since they have forgotten the root of a great architecture. He reviles them for misdirecting the true aim of architecture.

“Architecture is the first manifestation of man creating his own universe, creating it in image of nature, submitting to the laws of nature, the laws of which govern our own nature, our universe.” We can understand that with the helps of the regulating lines and other principles it is possible to create a whole different world.

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