ARCHITECTURE: Pure Creation of Mind

The text emphasizes the perfection of human mind and its ability to create an harmonious work of art. It focuses on the mind of men just in the topic of architecture. However, at the beginning of the text, it refers to the human face and its proportions to show variation of elements which form a whole. We can understand from there that it will analyze the architecture in the same manner. What really greets us here is the idea that the origin of architecture doesn’t rely on the nature. The text states clearly that the math rules and the law of physics are also required in order to create a masterpiece but the emotions (the harmony) are also mandatory.
The strange thing is that there are some important parts of the text which are so obvious. It is easy for a reader to gather that information: He says “I repeat”. He makes his own rules about an art work and its requirements. There must be unity, an aim in the work of art and its own character which are supposed to be clearly stated: That’s the pure creation of mind.
We observe some crucial parts which mention the crucial qualities of an architect. That person must be someone who can mix different things. He has to know about the construction but also the grammar of the work. The word “imagination” seems quite important here since the architect is supposed to be someone who organizes his artwork in his mind before the construction step. He also needs to keep in his mind the primary references of the work in a sensational way.

Le Corbusier, “Pure Creation of Mind”, Towards a New Architecture, Dover Publication, 1986 (originally 1927). pp. 199-224


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