The Design Studio

Since this year is my freshman year in architecture, everything I’m learning about architecture is very strange to me. I had the habit of going classes; sit on a desk, take notes about the lesson and leave that classroom. I didn’t need to be productive in classroom because I was there to learn what was required. On the other hand, recently, I come across with “the design studio” which doesn’t seem like a normal classroom atmosphere. There we can learn not just by listening but also by participating, by discussing. It provides brain storms between the participants of the design studio in a good way.  Everybody has a right to express their work and judge other’s work, either. It is like a new dimension where students can be taught in different ways; they can collaborate to understand the problem given and to take necessary action on assignments, they can observe other student’s work to pattern their own work or maybe they can benefit from the ideas of their teacher to enrich their knowledge.

 The presence of more than one professor in the studio helps students to gain different visions, which is also an ultimate aim of the design studio. It hasn’t been too long I’ve been at studio but that doesn’t keep me from noticing the unique value of architecture. It is similar to a path which is only showed to us. How we should move along on the path isn’t the important thing; because everyone has a different method to do it; because there isn’t “should” in that matter. Architecture is like art according to James Elkins “Art cannot be taught, but it can be fostered or helped along.”

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